CaféChurch started in 2012 at Montpelier Church.

Its purpose is to create a friendly atmosphere for the whole family - its not just for regular church-goers but people who might be interested in God but perhaps are a bit "put off" by a stuffy, formal Church services - it's informal, it's fun and there is a real buzz about the place.

We move the seats around in the church so that we can all sit around round tables - this really facilitates the table discussions and quizzes.

We could certainly not call it CaféChurch if we didn't provide coffee, cakes and of course other refreshments! So when you arrive, grab some coffee, some cake, have a seat and a chat.

We will continue to focus on stimulating topics throughout the year. Whether it is Parenting, Fair-trade, Friendship or Creation, we will certainly enjoy some healthy debate and try to understand how these issues relate to us and our faith.

See "What's on? This month" to find out what subject CafeChurch is covering this month at Montpelier.



CafeChurch - past subjects

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