What Is The Gospel?


The gospel is a term Christians use all the time, but if you aren’t that familiar with Christianity it can be one of those expressions that’s unclear. We want to explain what the gospel is because we believe it changes everything. At Montpelier Church when we talk about the gospel here is what we mean:

The gospel literally means “good news.” It is the story of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But who is Jesus? Jesus is God who came to us in the form of man to rescue us.

Why we need saving: We’ve all messed up and fallen short of God’s perfection. (Romans 3:23).

The consequence earned for our sin is spiritual death and separation from God forever (Romans 6:23).

We’ve earned death, but God freely offers us life through Jesus Christ (Romans 6:23). He gave his life to pay the penalty we deserve for our sins.

It is a gift that we could never earn on our own. Salvation comes through believing in what Christ has done on your behalf, not through anything you do for God (Ephesians 2:8-9).

The gospel is the good news story because it proves we are loved for who we are, not for what we do (or don’t do).

It’s hard to wrap our heads around this kind of unconditional love. We often think we need to prove ourselves to God – by living flawlessly to gain his approval or working relentlessly to replace our failure and shame with success and status so we are worthy to be seen. But this isn’t the message the Bible shares. The God waiting for you to measure up is absent from its pages. Instead, we find a God who reaches out to us. Who came to live alongside us to redeem us – to redeem you.

We get it backwards and think that the emphasis is on us and our actions – but Christianity isn’t a checklist to complete, it’s a choice to make. A choice to put your faith in Jesus or yourself.

We love because he first loved us.

1 John 4:19

We all have a different story. No matter what yours has held so far, it doesn’t change the fact that he first loved you, regardless of whether you’ve ever loved him in return. In offering himself on the cross, Jesus is extending you:

Unconditional love for who you are, rather than what you do.

Wholehearted acceptance, without fear of judgement or rejection.

Full forgiveness and release from the weight of your sin and shame.

What choice will you make with Jesus?

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