Fellowship - being together

Fellowship is an unusual word that does not really get used outside of church circles unless its referring to one of the Lord of the Rings movies. It means "friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests". 



"Whenever two or three of you come together in my name, I am there with you."


Matthew  18:20 (CEV)


In our church setting at Montpelier, we like to get together and socialise and share time with each other. This comes in a number of forms : from simply having a coffee and a chat on a Sunday morning, our monthly fellowship lunch or our church walks.


This is an opportunity to listen to each other, to encourage each other and to have fun and share some laughs together. The church is a gathering, a friendly association where people share their love for God, and for others. Our church motto is after all: Live a life of love. Fellowship is at the heart of what we stand for.

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