Mission - reaching out

We believe that the Church needs to be outward-facing and that 'living a life of love' means: performing acts of compassion and mercy; promoting justice; and telling the people around us about the best possible news in the world.

We live this out in our day-to-day living, in the local community and through supporting organisations and individuals that operate farther afield.

We like to get involved with the local community. We want to show everyone God's love. This is why we continue to run Messy Wednesday, our parent and child group. Every week, we encourage parents and provide them with a supportive environment where they can take a break.

In our community, some families are individuals are struggling to provide for themselves. Times can be tough if there are bills to pay and debts to service - sometimes the "mouths to feed" gets put down the priority list as families fight to keep a roof over their head. We are an active participant in the Purley Food Hub and are part of the Christians Against Poverty network in Croydon.

We support a number of other organisations including International Needs, the Barnabus fund and Vision for China plus many others - and we sponsor a child through the Compassion organisation.

We are a small church in size but we reach out with all we have  and share God's love with many. 

"In the same way that you gave me a mission in the world, I give them a mission in the world."

John 17:18 (Msg)

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